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Flying Fuck RC Helicopter

Due to the incredible advances in modern Aeronautics and the life’s work of generations of theorists going back to ancient drawings by the great Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci; you my lucky lucky friend can finally give… a flying fuck. Yes kids the phrase “I couldn’t give a flying fuck” means so much more when you actually have one in your possession. Seeing one of these flying majestically through the air toward your intended target only to snatch it away at the last possible moment only makes the insult sweeter due to their hope and eagerness that the fuck will be given.

On a 10 minute charge, the Fuck flies for a fucking long as fuck time of five minutes. Don’t fuck around, get it now before you too need a fuck to give.

$28.00 (as of April 13, 2016, 10:06 pm)



$28.00 (as of April 13, 2016, 10:06 pm)

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Flying Fuck Helicopter

F.UCK RC Helicopter

The Flying F#*K is a fully remote controlled flying word. (Even though we’re not fully spelling it out, we’re sure you know exactly which word we mean). Keep the Flying F#*Kon your desk at work or home and launch it into the air to astound and impress your colleagues or loved ones.

Made from soft-foam and controlled by a two-channel helicopter style flight system, the Flying F*ck does exactly what it says on the box. Not merely a novelty, the Flying F*ck actually flies superbly and can be trimmed for stability and flown just like a remote controlled helicopter. You don’t just loft it up into the air, you really can properly fly the Flying F#*K!

Sometimes in life, things just have to be taken literally. So now you can clearly communicate to anyone whether you do, or don’t, give a Flying F#*K.

This groundbreaking airborne obscenity makes the perfect gift. Now you can proudly tell someone: “I always told you I give a Flying F#*K!” It’s easy to show someone you care – give a Flying F*ck today!

If your loved one is feeling neglected or you really want to impress your Boss, it’s now easy to prove to them that you really do give a Flying F#*K.

So – give a Flying F#*K or don’t give a Flying F#*K – it’s up to you!

Product Features

R/C Helicopter looks like a giant flying F*CK

Two channel control means the copter always move forward slowly. You control the hover and right and left turns.

Dual counter-rotating blades give incredible hovering and stability

Helicopter Charges from Remote

5 Minute fly time, 10 minute charge time

Requires 6 AA batteries, not included

Shipping time around 7-21 days.
ThumbsUp RC Flying F#*k Helicopter One Piece
R/C Helicopter looks like a giant flying F*CK
Two channel control means the copter always move forward slowly. You control the hover and right and left turns.5 Minute fly time, 10 minute charge time.

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