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Giant Jenga ,

A great family game just became a great party game. It's quadrupled in size and can stand up to the worst your backyard and drunk friends can throw at it. In fact it's so big that falling pieces can now hurt which adds a nice element of danger. I like to add new rules too. For instance: Everyone else takes a shot when you successfully move a piece from the lowest possible row and put it on top. Stack the game on a glass with a live scorpion inside and you've got yourself a real mans game. Or just the shot thing if you're out of scorpions I guess.

Make sure to keep small children away, unless they're the kind of small children that would intentionally knock over a game people are playing. Then make sure they get buried in a giant Jenga avalanche. (With a scorpion)

$99.95 $89.99 (as of April 13, 2016, 10:05 pm)



$99.95 $89.99 (as of April 13, 2016, 10:05 pm)

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Jenga GIANT Family Edition — NOW it’s a party! Get the kids ready for bigger build-ups and bigger crashes, as the classic block-stacking, stack-crashing game Jenga now has a jumbo sized counterpart that is safe and fun for kids as young as 6 years old! The blocks are over 6 times the size of Classic Jenga, and yet this game is still safe and portable. For an even bigger hardwood Jenga experience, check out the Jenga GIANT Genuine Hardwood Game, for ages 10 to adult, which can stack to over 4 feet high (over 5 feet with available Booster Pack sold separately)!
The only authentic oversized hardwood Jenga game specifically designed for kids ages 6 and up (and their families)
54 precision-cut, high quality, smoothly polished, hardwood blocks
At setup, starts at 18 inches high and safely stacks to over 3 feet high in play!
All the fun of Classic Jenga and more exciting, because it’s BIGGER!

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