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Chestburster Plush

For Adults:
Relive one of the greatest moment of the movie Aliens with this officially licensed reproduction of the Alien larva that grows in the one guys chest before breaking out and scaring the crap out of every single American in 1986. Pushed through a hole in your shirt it makes a great costume.

For Kids:
It’s four feet of childhood nightmare fun. Don’t let your kid have just an ordinary old teddy bear or stuffed froggy. Let your children embrace the horror and tame this plushy incarnation of fear that haunted you when you were their age.

It only wants to snuggle your liver… then burst your chest open like a watermelon and eat all your friends. They’re just misunderstood.

$34.95 $26.90 (as of April 13, 2016, 10:06 pm)



$34.95 $26.90 (as of April 13, 2016, 10:06 pm)

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Alien Chestburster Plush – 48 Inches Long – In Space No One Can Hear You Cuddle

We’ve all felt the embarrassment of bringing the wrong friend to dinner. Which one of us hasn’t had alien spawn burst from our chest cavity at the dining room table? With this high quality ALIEN Chestburster plush you can feel the awkwardness Kane felt in the original ALIEN movie (without an actual alien bursting through your sternum). You can know the pleasure of owning your very own ALIEN Chestburster without the resulting Xenomorphic carnage and acid scarring.

Made by Better World Toys, a division of the Weyland-Yutani corporation, this officially licensed plush is made of smooth velour the matches all the details of the nymph-stage Xenomorph. A whopping 48 inches in length, this plush includes a wire that runs from the head to the tail, allowing you to pose the Chestbuster just the way you want it to terrify your friends or siblings.

This is a must buy for any ALIEN or Xenomorph fan. In ALIEN Weyland-Yutani is ready to sacrifice 20 million tons of iron ore and the good ship Nostromo for a Xenomorph – consider this a bargain!

Weyland-Yutani: Building Better Plushes
You’ll feel like you have an actual film prop to cuddle! Ages 3 and up.
This Chest Burster Plush is an officially licensed 20th Century Fox 1:1 scale replica of the original nymph-stage xenomorph from Aliens. Constructed of smooth velour that matches the color of the original design, the soft plush measures 48-inches long! Inside, a wire runs from the head to the tail, allowing you to pose the Aliens Chest Burster Plush just the way you want it.
It can even stand up on its own! Arms, teeth, and inner jaws are all finely detailed.
To hug or not to hug? 1:1 scale plush replica of the original Aliens Chest Burster! Fully poseable, it can even stand up on its own! 48-inches long! To hug or not to hug, that is the question. Now you can know the pleasure of owning your very own Aliens Chest Burster… without the parasitic infestation or the resulting xenomorphic carnage!
Be careful when bringing to dinner. Known to make messes.

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